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Dover, East and West Sussex

Much of our travel in southern England was in 1984 (just a little while ago now) and information is quite possibly out of date. Timeless, though, was the magnificent sight of the famous white cliffs of Dover as we arrived by sea from Belgium. Subsequent arrivals have been by air and, once, the Eurostar train from France. Take the time to catch a cross Channel ferry as the cliffs are really spectacular.

Dover was memorable for three other things, though I’m sure it has more to offer.

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Adelaide and Murray River

Adelaide, to Sydneysiders, is little more than a large country town – with suburbs. I am always amazed at how small it is. I like it, though. It is an attractive city with a well laid out grid pattern, beautiful old stone buildings, the Torrens River and LOTS of parkland. Adelaide has a huge termite problem which caused them to build in stone rather than timber from very early days in the colony. Many of these have endured and they lend a charm to Adelaide that other cities lack.

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Fleurieu Peninsula and Kangaroo Island – South Australia

Why were we going south for a winter holiday? Well, frankly, an opportunity arose and I took it, but according to many, winter is the best time to visit Kangaroo Island, despite the next stop being Antarctica! Better, I say, than the relentless heat of a South Australian summer, where temperatures regularly and persistently top 40° C and heat stroke and sunburn are real dangers.

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