RAM: my initials, hence the blog title. I had wanted to call it ramblingrose, as I am Rosemary and my first memories of dancing to a song were to Nat King Cole’s Ramblin’ Rose, at age 3 or 4. It seemed prophetic, however someone got there before me.

I have been travelling almost since I was born. My first trip to Europe and UK (from Northern Rhodesia) was when I was two. Now more than half a century later I have been completely infested with the travel bug – there is no cure. I have lived in Africa, London, Malaysia and several places in Australia. I currently call the beautiful Sutherland Shire in Sydney, home.

I am a retired Physiotherapist, having worked in that profession for thirty years, minus extended breaks for children and holidays. I am married with two adult children who have also travelled extensively, both with our family and independently.

Books and words have been a life-long passion and I have always dreamed of writing. I have dabbled with the occasional poem and short story and I create crossword puzzles (straight and cryptic) the old fashioned way using a pencil and graph paper.

I have been very fortunate to have travelled as much as I have, and I would now like to share some of these experiences with others, in the hope they might find something to inspire them.cropb2014 New Zealand 3 Akaroa 032


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