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Forbidden words and other pet peeves!

Some recent snippets in the newspaper recently started churning ideas around in my head so, despite the fact that this is essentially a travel blog, I had to collate these thoughts and create a miscellaneous category. Maybe this will spawn some ‘pet peeves’ of your own.

Not long after starting high school my son had to write a field report for a geography excursion where they had had to analyse some soil samples. He wrote: ” I got some dirt …” I rolled my eyes with exasperation and said: “You can’t write dirt!  You need to make the language more sophisticated. Think of another word for dirt.” And so ‘forbidden words’ were born. Words such as got, dirt, thing, nice and a swarm of others that elude me at the moment were banned. Throughout their high schooling both my children were strongly encouraged to come up with more creative alternatives.

On 29 May, there was a letter to the editor of  The Sydney Morning Herald bemoaning the use of the word ‘gotten’.

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