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Weather worries!

We’ve just been told that we’ve had the wettest two days in Sydney in two years. This takes me back to the summer of 2012 when I, despairing of the constant rain, felt the urge to put pen to paper. A series of weather related poems ensued. For those who are not local: Waragamba is the main dam servicing Sydney. We had so much rain that the authorities had to release water. A few years ago during an extended drought, when Waragamba was down to about 35 % capacity, the state government, in all their wisdom, built a desalination plant which now sits, switched off, awaiting the next terrible drought.

I am not a serious poet, dabbling in the art once a decade or so, but I hope these are enjoyable.


Concentric rings, polka dot the pool

Persistent drops … drip, drip;

Gutters submit, over full

Summer twenty twelve.


Verdant green, tamed grass runs wild

Bedraggled stems … drip, drip;

Black and mottled, roses tried

Summer twenty twelve.


Azure skies, cloaked grey with cloud

Waragamba peaks … drip, drip;

Thund’rous cascades, tumble loud

Summer twenty twelve.


Forgotten drought, desal plant a hoax

Humid days reign … drip, drip;

Hope awaits, prayers coax

Autumn twenty twelve.

Following this very damp summer we had a series of record-breaking weather incidents which prompted sequels to this poem. The second is a poem about the tremendous heat in early Spring which resulted in devastating bush fires in the Blue Mountains region of NSW. The bulk of the poem was written prior to the fires with the fierce weather bringing back memories of a more local fire in January 1994, with the final stanza being added after the Blue Mountains’ fires. Twelve months to the day, as the Blue Mountains residents remembered – it snowed!



Records shattered:

August dry … September hot … October’s heat extreme.

Scorching, gusting,

north winds laden with desert heat

and memories of fires past,

bringing fear and foreboding.


Timely change:

A “southerly buster” howls in …welcome.

Rattling, shaking,

south winds banish the desert heat

and dampen blazes present,

bringing relief and comfort.


Next week:

It will start again … October’s heat extreme.

Breathless, wearing,

dark clouds hold little promise

and pass as fleeting shadows,

bringing doubt and incredulity.


Red October:

Dire warnings …grim desperation … total devastation

Burning, sparking,

blazing flames engulf the land

and challenge man’s endurance,

bringing despair and determination.


Well I was on a roll, so when the following Autumn also turned out to be a record breaker, I had to write a poem. Not as spontaneous as the first but fun.



The darkness of winter encroaches;

a little more each day.

The summer should be a fond memory;

at this late stage in May.


Why is each and every day so warm and blue and bright?

Why are jonquils nodding heads out in the glaring light?

Why are we wearing shorts and thongs, surely this isn’t right?


In just over a week the ski season starts;

with hats and coats and snow!

But the beaches are crowded with people and craft;

summer’s refusing to go!


Kayaks are gliding, swimmers are splashing;

surfers are swarming to catch the right wave.

Atypically playing whilst whales are migrating;

the weather’s forgotten just how to behave.


They say that tomorrow will be warmer again;

and weather records keep on tumbling.

We know, that of course it has to get cold;

But for now, well no-one is grumbling.

We just need a remarkable winter to complete my set. Hopefully an unusually warm one, though it would be fun to see snow in Sydney.